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Orchestras and Groups

Pupils Orchestra  Youth Orchestra 1st Orchestra Quintet Youth Quintet

conducted by 

Jose Mali Jens Reimann  Kerstin Lieb


7 accordions
1 keyboard
1 accordion bass 
13 accordions
1 keyboard
1 accordion bass 
21 accordions 
1 keyboard 
1 electronium 
2 accordion basses 
4 accordions
1 accordion bass 
4 accordions
1 accordion bass
9 players  15 players  25 players  5 players  5 players

age group 

8-14 years  12-20 years  17-62 years  32-62 years  26-36 years



wednesday wednesday wednesday monday wednesday


16.45-18.00 18.15-19.45 20.00-22.00 19.30-22.00 19.00-20.00


Fuchsbau Fuchsbau Fuchsbau Fuchsbau  Fuchsbau

Structure of the Pupils Orchestra

Selina Kässmann
Leonard Berc
Simon Jess
Kerstin Greul
Carina Dölz
Robin Engelhardt
Guido Hafner
Berat Kaya
Matthias Kolb
Julian Kowarsch

Structure of the Youth Orchestra

Pia Sartor
Marion Haas
Damaris Röckle
Sandra Haas
Marius Herrmann
Elke Schwabe

Structure of the 1st Orchestra

Kerstin Lieb
Markus Schwabe
Jens Reimann
Susanne Schrell
Sieglinde Sartor
Ralf Dehlen
Claudia Otto
Sabine Kaufmann
Sandra Haas
Sörn Krebs
Heike Prkna
Sibylle Renninger
Martina Guldner
Pia Sartor
Marion Haas
Marius Herrmann
Rainer Lieb
Helga Schwabe
Werner Rietschle
Andreas Kocher
Volker Hartmann
Sebastian Macke

Structure of the Quintet

Jens Reimann
Sörn Krebs
Volker Hartmann
Sibylle Renninger
Markus Schwabe



Structure of the Youth Quintet

Accordion I Kerstin Lieb
Accordion II Claudia Koch
Accordion III Heike Prkna
Accordion IV Matthias Reiche
Accordion Bass Birgit Zinßer


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